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moneytreefimOur team provides partners with an intellectually challenging experience leading to an awareness of issues, themes and applications within the field of international finance and corporate investment management, combined with the knowledge and skills to identify suitable tools for the investigation of issues in areas such as investment analysis, fund/asset management, economics analysis and financial reporting.

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SibarS Inc.


SibarS Inc - we are a Finance & ICT business solutions company, providing comprehensive technological and consultative support in addition to project management, strategic, and tactical assistance, integrated into our clients' business processes.

Our associates treat us as the partner of choice for the world's leading service providers, governments and enterprises by helping them create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective integrated communications and knowledge management systems and meet their customers' growing needs through the rapid deployment of new set of diverse technological services.

We not only deliver the best possible reliable software solutions and advise on hardware infrastructures to help our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability, but as well train and coach partners on best possible use of technology and communication tools application, aiming at significant improvement of the key business performance indicators for our companions.

Having rich experience in successful management in broad range of projects, requiring smart and technological approach, we transfer the knowledge and experience of success replication, securing businesses through intensive interaction with the beneficiary.



Head office: SibarS Inc, Av.Barcelona 218B, 2-2, Terrassa, 08222, Barcelona, Spain For general inquiries: +34 6 222 622 12
Russian branch: SibarS Inc, Zemlyanoy val 7, office 215, 105064, Moscow, Russia For general inquiries: +7 499 502 34 08


SibarS Inc is a British Virgin Islands company with registration #1728340.

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