Finance & Investment management

SibarS Inc. Finance & Investment Management servicesOur team provides partners with an intellectually challenging experience leading to an awareness of issues, themes and applications within the field of international finance and corporate investment management, combined with the knowledge and skills to identify suitable tools for the investigation of issues in areas such as investment analysis, fund/asset management, economics analysis and financial reporting.

SibarS supplies all the services with the necessary IT analytical skills, tools, software and hardware solutions, which reinforce the advantages for a stronger and prolonging success of our business counterparts.

At the heart of the successful investment management services we offer are the virtue and experience of our professional staff skills to invest and divest client investments.

As a certified company investment advisor we conduct an assessment of each client's individual needs and risk profile and then recommend appropriate investment strategy.

Our success resides in constructing the asset allocation, and separately the individual holdings, so as to outperform certain benchmarks (e.g., the peer group of competing funds, bond and stock indices).


Head office: SibarS Inc, Av.Barcelona 218B, 2-2, Terrassa, 08222, Barcelona, Spain   
Russian branch: SibarS Inc, Zemlyanoy val 7, office 215, 105064, Moscow, Russia  
Estonian branch: SibarS OÜ, Sepapaja 6, 15551, Tallinn, Estonia